I Reincarnated and Became a 15-Year-Old Queen - I'm An Ex-Office Worker, and His Majesty the King Who's Younger Than Me Is Approaching Me!? / I Worked Myself to Death and Reincarnated as the Queen of His Majesty, Who Is Younger Than Me! / Tensei Shitara 15-sai no Ouhi Deshita - Moto Shachiku no Watashi ga, Toshishita no Kokuouheika ni Semararete Imasu!? / Réincarnée en reine de 15 ans : Je suis une ancienne employée de bureau, mais le jeune roi s'intéresse à moi!? / Reencarnada en una reina de 15 años: soy una ex-trabajadora, pero el joven rey está interesado en mí / เกิดใหม่ทั้งทีก็เป็นราชินีวัย15แล้วค่ะ อดีตทาสบริศัทอย่างฉันกำลังถูกราชาเด็กกว่ารุกอยู่เหรอคะ!? / 転生したら15歳の王妃でした / 転生したら15歳の王妃でした~元社畜の私が、年下の国王陛下に迫られています!?~ / 전생했더니 15살의 왕비였습니다
Rank: 4492nd, it has 1K monthly / 57K total views.
Authors: Ononata manimani
Artists: Katagiri atari
Genres: Manga , Josei(W) , Shoujo(G) , Adaptation , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Ghosts , Isekai , Magic , Reincarnation , Romance , Royal family , Royalty , Supernatural
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Completed
Year of Release: 2020
I, Saeki Emi, died of exhaustion when I was 28 years old, but awoke to find myself reincarnated as a 15-year-old queen. Being a queen means that I have a husband--His Majesty, the king? But...turns out he's 17 years old! I thought I'd be pampered and spoiled in this life, but His Majesty knows my situation, and tells me that the lives of the reincarnated may be targeted! What's more, the former host of this body, Emilia, appears as a ghost. Don't you think my second life is already eventful enough? I thought I was free from my corporate job and would be able to lead a life of leisure this time around! This is a healing romcom set up in the Royal Palace that's a little different from your usual reincarnation story!
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Chapter 11.6 : Emilia (6)
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Chapter 11.5 : Emilia (5)
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Chapter 11.3 : Emilia (3)
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