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Authors: Carole mortimer
Artists: Yuuki mizusawa
Genres: Josei(W) , Drama , Harlequin , Office Workers , Romance , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Year of Release: 2020
I’ll happily be his lover, even if it’s just for a job… Darcy works as a secretary for charming businessman Reed. He has always dated beautiful, sophisticated women, the exact opposite of Darcy, a country girl who’s come to London to work. So Darcy is surprised when Reed suddenly asks her to come with him to visit his parents in Florida, pretending to be his lover! She knows it’s for work, but is there a chance that Reed will look at her as a woman and not just as his unsophisticated secretary?
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Time for granting wishes... Sweet @seraaa, I dunno why you wished for this There's not even an ounce of angst in it 🤪 It's a ligthearted story and cute Yupyup! Cute to be precised 🤔 (it slighly different from the OG Novel) But it's a fun read with no pressure 😉 Does the ML look similar to Hibiki's one? I kinda see the resemblance Ow, you might wanna read this later after you've read the Natsu Momose's The Greek's Chosen Wife https://bato.to/series/102155/the-greek-s-chosen-wife I've uploaded it today also Enjoy Peeps! 😍

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